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Professional and trusworthy KYC (Know Your Client) verification services for crypto projects and clients.

Why do we need KYC solutions?

Users view anonymous crypto projects as untrustworthy. Unfortunately, some projects in the cryptocurrency space end being fake, rug pulls or scams. Getting to know people behind those projects is an important factor to gain their trust. Our solutions are designed to provide confidence and peace of mind to the user when investing in crypto projects. At 0xaudit we provide founders and developers the ability to proof their identity to the world safely and securely with us, maintaining their personal information safe, secure and away from third parties.

Why trust 0xaudit?

Unlike other KYC services, 0xaudit is made up of publicly known founding partners within the world of privacy, reputation, cybersecurity and data protection regulation at a European level, together with a top-level technical team in the blockchain world. When carrying out a KYC process we are giving our information to a third party for safekeeping. Ensuring that the legislation of the country of this custodian company is reliable and our data will not be delivered to third parties is of vital importance. However, our competitors who offer KYC services usually hide their identity or directly do not comply with the European legislation, which we see as totally illogical and unreliable as a company to verify and keep our personal information. Choose smart, be safe.

Once verified, we'll not only provide you an identify certificate, but also an NFT certificate that you'll be able to check in different EVM compatible networks (Ethereum, Polygon, BSC...) as well as a public contract where everyone we'll be able to check that your public addresses correspond to real people and verified members of your Team. You'll be able to display the NFT as a badge to proof your identity and confidecente to your community.